To the Department for International Trade, where the government has stashed the plans for the UK’s post-Brexit trading future. At the helm is president of the Board of Trade Liam Fox, who helpfully points out in a memo to UK businesses: ‘Selling goods or services internationally, [sic] is a great way to grow your business and secure your company’s future.’ 

The letter continues: ‘Today I’d like you to think about how your company can start to do business overseas. My department can help. For advice, support and services, visit GREAT.GOV.UK today. The demand is out there. You should be too.’

Stirring stuff. Obiter wonders, though, if Fox has a grudge against lawyers generally after the High Court’s decision on article 50. Although the legal services market is a net exporter to the tune of around £3.6bn, England and Wales’ 10,000 law firms seem to have been left off the mailing list. 

But if Fox changes his mind, solicitors have left the door open. Tony Roe, committee member of the Law Society Small Firms Division, tells Obiter: ‘I’d be happy for him to come and see me in person to learn how he can help.’