The life of Hollywood star George Clooney doesn’t normally capture Obiter’s attention (we move in different circles, darling). But we were intrigued last week by reports that ‘Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor’ is to be spliced to human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin of Doughty Street Chambers, London.

We offer our congratulations (as did her chambers in a statement, seemingly being the first to ‘confirm’ the news), but it got us thinking about other celebrity spouses in the profession.

Doughty Street Chambers has form here. Did you know bestselling comic author Kathy Lette is married to its founder and joint head, Geoffrey Robertson QC? Never a dull moment over the washing up chez Robertson-Lette, we fancy. For, as Lette writes on her website: ‘Welcome to my deranged world. I only write because it’s cheaper than therapy. I also write the way women talk when there’s no men around.’

Another such union is that of broadcaster, journalist and sometime agony aunt Mariella Frostrup with human rights solicitor Jason McCue. But who’s the bigger celebrity? McCue is a former Law Society Solicitor of the Year, after all.

Any others we ought to know about (excluding Nick Clegg and Tony Blair, please, of whom we hear quite enough)?