After her spot of bother over the Article 50 court ruling, lord chancellor Liz Truss had a chance to build bridges with the profession at last week’s Spark21 conference, part of the First 100 Years project to celebrate women’s achievements in the law.

The event was compelling but it didn’t get off to the best start. Attendees at Simmons & Simmons’ City headquarters were ordered to remain in the tea room ‘for security purposes’ during the minister’s arrival. This was all too much for one attendee, who banged on the door, furious at being ‘locked in’. (In fairness to the organisers, Obiter should point out there was a ‘release’ button.)

After a bladder-taxing wait, the distinguished audience was allowed back into the auditorium to see Truss installed near the podium, ready to outline her measures to improve diversity in the judiciary – before pulling the classic minister’s trick of departing without time for questions.