With the Chelsea Flower Show over, and the plants Obiter ordered there now safely dying in the garden at home, attention turns to the next eye-catching opening. And there isn’t long to wait.

_37 Maria Memoli, Sunset on the rolling hills of Tuscany

The Law Society’s Art Group, one of the profession’s longest-running clubs, is holding its 64th annual exhibition, starting this week. Obiter has had a sneak preview of the works to be exhibited by members, who submit up to three each. Particularly eye-catching were Maria Memoli’s ‘Sunset on the rolling hills of Tuscany’ (pictured) – a happy, pastoral scene under a vivid orange sky, a winding road taking the eye deep into the receding hills; Ruth Munby’s enigmatic ‘The Birthday Party’, with coloured pencil shading that brings Raymond Briggs’ illustrations to mind; Richard Davidson’s ‘Nastursiums’, vivid on a muted teal background; and J Tovey’s ‘The Dining Room’, a lovely painting with a muted inter-war vibe.

The exhibition runs from 11-16 June at The Landmark Arts Centre, Ferry Road, Teddington, south-west London – which Obiter can recommend as a location, being well placed for Thames riverside pubs after the viewing (or for a palette cleanser before). The exhibition can be viewed weekdays 10am-4pm, Saturday 10am-1pm. For more details, see: Next Exhibition – Annual Exhibition 2024 – Law Society Art Group.