As achievements go, becoming the first woman president of the Supreme Court (or even just president for that matter) will be high up there for Lady Hale.

However, if anything can top that, it’s surely got to be having a children’s book based on your life. 

equal to everything

Equal To Everything: Judge Brenda and the Supreme Court tells the story of Ama, a girl from Richmond in Yorkshire, who visits the Supreme Court on a school trip and learns how another little girl from her town went on to become its president.

Publisher Legal Action Group says the story ‘highlights some important cases Judge Brenda was faced with and explains how judges make difficult decisions and teaches children about fairness, justice and how the law can be used for good and to protect us all’. Based on some of the reactions to the Supreme Court’s decisions, Obiter reckons a few adults could benefit from reading this book too.

Equal To Everything is out next month but available to pre-order now.