It has been a week of fascinating insights into life at the Ministry of Justice.

First, the ministry’s latest diversity report leaves Obiter a little concerned about the welfare of staff at Petty France and its outposts. Writing in the report’s foreword, diversity champion Ann Beasley says she is ‘keen that staff feel able to bring their “whole self” into work each day, both for their own wellbeing and effectiveness and that of the organisation more generally’.

And for those who struggle to bring their ‘whole self’ all the way in, relief is in hand thanks to the department’s 24 ‘commuter hubs’ in outer London and the south-east.

The hubs, shared spaces in government property where staff can work or attend meetings, are part of a Cabinet Office initiative called TW3. (This, we are assured, stands for The Way We Work and has nothing to do with the groundbreaking 1960s TV satire show.) Last week the ministry’s hubs won a TW3 award for ‘best optimisation of property portfolio for smart working’.

We do not know whether lord chancellor Michael Gove, who memorably confirmed in the House of Commons last week that he is no ‘sandal-wearing, muesli-munching vegan-vaguester’, has taken advantage of these hubs, but Obiter is sure he manages to bring his whole self into work.