A north-west firm has responded swiftly to civil court fee increases with the creation of a new out-of-court service.

Brabners, based in Liverpool, has launched Legal Property Solutions to offer a resolution to property disputes without the need for litigation.

The government earlier this month imposed a 5% levy on all cases valued at more than £10,000 – a charge opposed by the legal profession.

Brabners says it can offer a range of alternatives to court, including mediations, indications on paper, hearings on paper and settlement hearings.

The demand for cheaper options in boundary disputes is topical, with the Ministry of Justice ruling out compulsory mediation in February but backing the greater use of independent expert determination to solve disputes.

Brabners partner Rachel Watkin (pictured) conceived the idea for the out-of-court service on the evening that the court fee increase was announced.

‘My first reaction was that it could be disastrous, not just for lawyers but for many small businesses and private individuals who may now have difficulties in bringing claims,’ she said. ‘We believe that there is always a solution and the inception of Legal Property Solutions was the obvious way of safeguarding access to justice.’

Watkin claimed the firm has created the first ‘one-stop shop’ for mediation or arbitration in all types of property dispute.

Without the need for formal pleadings, interim hearings or detailed directions, the firm says it can significantly reduce costs and resolve cases in days or weeks rather than months or years.

Businesses and private individuals involved in a dispute can contact Legal Property Solutions directly or through their own solicitors.