The Law Society has agreed to a call from a group of influential MPs to review its guidance on non-disclosure agreements.

The House of Commons women and equalities committee made the recommendation on Tuesday in a hard-hitting report on NDAs in discrimination cases.

In a letter to the committee's chair, Maria Miller MP, Society president Christina Blacklaws confirmed that a review is underway, which will take into account the committee's recommendations 'and our crucial function of acting in the public interest'.

Blacklaws welcomed the report and said the Society was pleased that it reflected some of the points that Chancery Lane raised in its written submission. 'In particular the committee’s recommendations that legal aid thresholds be reviewed to assist those in need of independent legal advice in employment cases; improving the employment tribunal process for those seeking to resolve their dispute through this route, and increasing the time limits in discrimination cases. These are all areas in which we have been seeking reform,' Blacklaws said.

'The committee’s recommendations and calls to government for greater clarity around whistleblowing law are also welcomed. This is something that we have said needs attention and we reference the complexities of the law around whistleblowing and the public interest in our guidance to members.'

Blacklaws told Miller that the Society has sought to lead an 'open and frank discussion' with the legal community about NDAs and confidentiality clauses, including supporting solicitors to navigate complex, legal, regulatory and ethical boundaries.