The Solicitors Regulation Authority has sent thousands of emails to individuals warning their practising certificates have been revoked.

The Gazette understands that around 4,500 PCs were revoked earlier this week and confirmation notes sent out yesterday to those who had failed to renew by last October’s deadline.

Details of each person’s role in firms have been collated so the SRA’s supervision team can prioritise contact and enforcement action with those in positions of responsibility.

The email asks individuals to respond to any allegations in relation to their non-compliance.

Individuals will also be informed that they must submit an application within seven days if they require a PC, or update the mySRA website if they have ceased to practise.

Managers at firms who respond within seven days are likely to be fined and/or rebuked, and the decision published. Non-managers can expect a warning from the regulator.

Any individual who has not given their status within seven days is likely to be referred directly to the legal departments to consider a referral to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal. Enforcement action is likely to happen between March and August.

In the interim, the individual’s firm will be contacted to tell them to take immediate steps to manage any risk.