Regulators have stepped in to close down a solicitor’s practice specialising in defending motorists. The Solicitors Regulation Authority yesterday confirmed it had intervened into Ashton-Under-Lyne firm Trafficlawyer4U Ltd and its director Robert Bimpson, admitted in 1989. The action effectively closes down the firm immediately.

The SRA said it was satisfied that grounds for intervention existed for intervention ‘to protect the interests of Mr Bimpson’s clients or former clients or the beneficiaries of any trust of which Mr Bimpson was a trustee’.

Wigan firm Stephensons Solicitors has been appointed as the intervening agent.

Trafficlawyer4U promoted itself as a firm where clients would be advised by a solicitor or barrister for help in defence against prosection for all motoring offences.

The firm’s website stated that Bimpson had been a solicitor for 30 years and was ‘widely acknowledged to be an expert in the defence of motorists’. The website added that Bimpson’s ‘knowledge and experience of even the most technical defences is vast’.

The firm took on clients only on a private paid basis and did not undertake legal aid cases.

The Gazette has contacted Bimpson for comment.