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The anonymous poster at 10.41 made a number of points about Wales that need to be answered.
Yes we have just over 3 million people. Do your readers know that a quarter of the member states of the EU have smaller populations and have been, or will, be Presidents?
Wales is one of the worst performing regions. Wales is ruled by England and from England, it not our fault. Yes we have some devolution but our economy is run from London. At the last election we had a Tory government with 96% of its MPs representing English constituencies.
The law of peripheral neglect states that an areas prosperity or depravation is in proportion to its distance from a major decision making centre (The north/south divide). In the UK its London. Just look at ONS tables for wealth and depravation and the distance English regions are from London. As for economic wealth Wales impounds twice the water it uses and generates twice the electricity it uses.

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