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@Neil Taylor

Where to start......

Wales sharing a legal jurisdiction with England has nothing whatsoever to do with small European countries with equal size populations. If Luxembourg shared a legal jurisdiction with Germany, with German and particularly Luxembourg businesses profiting greatly from it, do you really think Luxembourg would be fighting for it's own legal jurisdiction? No.

As for wales being ruled by England from England, perhaps you haven't heard of something called "devolution" that happened in the late 90's? The Welsh Assembly, sorry, "Welsh Government" are given a massive pot of cash under the barnet formula that per person is greater than what English taxpayers have spent on them. As a result of the Welsh government having total control over the welsh budget and devlolved control over matters like health and education, by your reasoning we should be doing pretty brilliantly shouldn't we?

Oh wait, as a result of that infrastructure is failng, the welsh NHS is the worst performing in the UK, and our universities and schools are slipping down the UK league tables.

Tell me again how that's a Tory government's fault? Something we've only had for 6 years btw, while the preceding 10 were Labour where this slide started.

Now what Wales really needs is for these clowinish politicians in Cardiff who can't manage health, education, or public spending to have control of an entirely separate legal jurisdiction too?

Foxtrot oscar.

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