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I'm sorry, but are the campaigners in this article just missing the point or entirely stupid?
Of course the reforms will hand a massive saving to insurers. THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT!! The general idea is that insurers have to pay out far less money and therefore pass this on to the policyholders via reduced premiums.
Now, I know that there will be many claiming that this will not happen, however, the insurance market is incredibly competitive. An insurer who does not pass on this saving will simply lose business hand over fist to those that do. The company that is able to pass the most of the benefit on will be the 'winner' by increased revenue , not by trying to keep it all.
Concerns about access to justice and how litigants in person are able to negotiate the 'new' system are very valid, and need to be properly addressed, however, arguing against the forms because will save insurers money is, frankly, ridiculous and self-defeating. They are arguing that the reform shouldn't happen because it will achieve exactly what it has set out to achieve!
Incidentally, we have reached this point because a few law firms recognised the motor PI market as a 'cash cow' and milked it for all it's worth. For them it stopped being about fair compensation where it is deserved a long time ago. It is this attitude that has ruined the industry and is why I'm glad I retired from it several years ago.

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