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But hopefully you will also report a disturbing sequel to the court`s undoubtedly brave and unprecedented decision, as reported in The Times on Saturday 2nd September in these terms:

"President Kenyatta called Kenya`s Supreme Court judges `crooks` last night ... . Mr Kenyatta appeared to threaten the six-man bench with vengeance, warning, `They will know we are also men ... let them wait for us after elections`".

There have been other widely publicised reports of his reckless utterances warning of dire consequences for the judges amounting to an onslaught on the independence of the judiciary. Given Kenya`s history, and that of the wider East African region, it would no exaggeration to say that all this could develop into a sinister scenario. Way back, in neighbouring Uganda, in Idi Amin`s time, a Chief Justice was physically removed from his office and was never seen alive again. What Uhuru Kenyatta has done is to plant the idea of `disciplining` the judges in the minds of his followers (`who will rid me of these troublesome busybodies` - a la "Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?) and who knows what this may lead to?

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