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The Legal Ombudsman is another government Quango not fit for purpose. Quote after I complained about incompetent solicitor. "if you allege that your solicitor was negligent, your proper course of action is through the courts". and
"If we took on your complaint, it would be one solicitor judging the actions of another solicitor so we cannot take action".
To add insult to injury, when I quoted the replies on Wikipedia they were constantly removed. To you solicitors, who fall foul of the legal ombudsman, you might consider telling him, that as a living man you do not accept the jurisdiction of a dead thing. A statute. I have learned. Last week I refused to give my name to a court. After threats to me, the Magistrate's clerk said."If this man refuses to give his name, you cannot do anything". One up to me. My offence common assault between two adult males. Normally the police advise each party to take their own action. On this occasion they wanted to silence me. Knowing the corrupt laws I stopped them.

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