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"....The case comes as HM Judiciary confirmed it is no closer to coming up with proposals for regulating the McKenzie friend industry, which has grown as legal aid cuts leave more litigants seeking cheaper alternatives to qualified lawyers. .."

Quite simple really. Take PII back in house so we can have a properly diverse and widespread Legal Advice High Street Profile.

Follow that up by properly resourced and educated Court Staff.

Follow that up by the Middleton recommendations (conveniently side-stepped) at the time of Woolf, for IT based advice at Court on causes particularly.

Follow that up with doing away with all the unnecessary Court Forms and deal with correspondence received as that,'mentions' like in Crime.

Have proper low level intelligence on less effective pompous (D) DJ's. We know who they are and that they often hide behind the fact that their decisions are not challengeable at a complaint level. They need their embarkation cards asap. They are in the main men, but also from a particular type of background. How they got their is anyone's guess. The appointments system? That because of confidentiality we shall never know but go they should as they have overstayed their welcome so to quote the ironsides ... .


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