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Annon you say something doesnt add up when the Magistrates Court ordered a retrial when that should have been done on appeal, perhaps the court realised they had breached a basic fundamental law, and that is the right to a fair and equal trial,, my bad for forgetting to tell you that i instructed my mate to fire the duty solicitor there and then, had he not done so then yes he would have been sent to prison, and then the process of an appeal would have been time consuming, meanwhile my mate would have been sat in prison pending the appeal;
The fact that the case was not an equal and fair trial when they found him guilty, must have made the Magistrates sit up and listen and realise the previous order to find hm guilty was a VOID order;
It isnt a matter of whether a non qualified employee of the Council or the Department for Works and Pension has liability Insurance to pay compensation, its the very fact they are acting in the capacity of a legally qualified man or woman, who isn't legally qualified and is basically impersonating a solicitor, if that's allowed then so should McKenzie Friends. You cannot have one rule for them and another for us
On with the matter of me having compensation to hand + costs and interest to pay you if i balls up a case, how many solicitors cough up £20k when they balls up a case, and please dont tell me that your first priority is to your client because i know that is untrue, isn't a Solicitors first priority to the Crown??????? Now i shamed that duty solicitor in front of other people in the waiting area of that court, when i got him to admit his first priority was to the Crown

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