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According to its website The International Consortium for Court Excellence does the following: "The International Framework for Court Excellence is a quality management system designed to help courts improve their performance. It represents an all-encompassing approach to achieving court excellence, rather than a more limited focus on particular aspects of court governance, management, or operations. It consists of the following:
A Framework of universal core values, seven areas of court excellence aligned with those values, as well as concepts and tools by which courts worldwide can voluntarily assess and improve the quality of justice and court administration.
A self-evaluation process using the Court Excellence Self-Assessment Questionnaire that evaluates a court’s performance against seven areas of excellence, and provides guidance for courts to improve their performance.
The Global Measures of Court Performance include eleven focused, clear, and actionable core court performance measures aligned with the values and areas of court excellence of the Framework.
The Consortium will regularly edit and revise the Framework to reflect new developments for improving how courts and justice-system partners deliver services."

While there probably are improvements to be made in the ways in which courts use IT to facilitate the judicial disposal of cases, it seems going too far to adopt IT resolution completely. As others have noted, there will be inequalities of IT competence. Also, anything which cannot be resolved on documentary evidence alone, and requires evidence from witnesses, cannot really be managed digitally. Someone - not an IT system - has to assess whether X or Y is telling the truth. If applied to criminal cases (which isn't apparent from the article but assumed by some commentators) the idea of 'computer says 5 years' is a bit, well, Stalinesque.

My own experience of IT over the last 20 years is that anything important needs to be printed out and kept in a filing cabinet, to have any certainty of retrieving it in the future.

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