• Actors’ Benevolent Fund

    Actors’ Benevolent Fund

    LondonUnited Kingdom

    The Actors’ Benevolent Fund was founded in 1882 by Sir Henry Irving to care for actors and actresses unable to work because of accidents, illness or old age. The Fund helps in a variety of ways, all of which are geared towards maintaining independence and improving quality of life.

  • Arkwright Engineering Scholarships

    Arkwright Engineering Scholarships

    Leamington SpaUnited Kingdom

    30 years of inspiring engineering talent - can you help us to make a difference? To celebrate 30 years of Arkwright Engineering Scholarships, we are looking for your support to help more young people than ever pursue their dreams and change the world as a future leader in engineering. Arkwright Engineering Scholarships are awarded to hard-working young people, supporting them as they start their A levels, Scottish Highers or equivalent qualifications. Through mentoring, funding, and industry experience, we give young people from all backgrounds the chance to experience the exciting world of engineering.

  • Conservative Foundation, The

    Conservative Foundation, The

    LondonUnited Kingdom

    The Conservative Foundation was established to strengthen the financial future of the Conservative Party through legacy gifts. All legacies received are exempt of inheritance tax, and are placed in a ring-fenced endowment fund. The fund is managed by an Independent Board of Directors, and is used solely to help fight and win future General Elections.

  • Hunt Staff Benefit Society

    Hunt Staff Benefit Society

    CirencesterUnited Kingdom

    The Hunt Staff Benefit Society (HSBS) was founded in 1872 with the aim of providing pensions and other benefits to professional Hunt Staff. Today, the Society functions as a Registered Friendly Society (No. 698F) run by and for people in the hunting community. Anyone employed by a Hunt, whether in the kennels, stables or any other part of the Hunt establishment, can join the Pension Scheme, which has been specifically designed for Hunt Staff.

  • League of Remembrance

    League of Remembrance

    LondonUnited Kingdom

    We formed in 1915, originally to support the widows and children of those soldiers killed in the Great War, later adding veterans and retired nursing staff to those we help.

  • Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution

    Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution

    OxfordUnited Kingdom

    We offer financial support, practical care and guidance to farming people of all ages, including farmers, farmworkers and dependants. We strive to build personal relationships and will tailor our support to suit you. If we can’t directly provide what you need, we’ll do our best to liaise with other organisations and agencies on your behalf. We’re here for the small things as well as the big and treat every application for support on its own merits, working with compassion and discretion.

  • Waterloo Uncovered

    Waterloo Uncovered

    LondonUnited Kingdom

    Their most important fight isn’t in the military, it’s finding peace afterwards. Waterloo Uncovered is the ground-breaking charity that combines veteran care and recovery with world-class archaeology on the Waterloo Battlefield. Many veterans involved have experienced service-related injuries or suffer from mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).