How to

  • Royston Part-time cartoon

    How to: work part-time

    3 December 2018

    Part-time lawyers have long been seen as lacking commitment to their careers and to their clients. But that hackneyed view is changing, reports Marialuisa Taddia

  • Ls discipline

    How to: Discipline a colleague

    22 October 2018

    Sanctioning a colleague for wrongdoing is fraught with hidden perils, especially if they are a partner. Melanie Newman asks the experts how to handle disciplinary matters

  • Ls lease

    How to: lease an office

    3 September 2018

    Taking new accommodation is the biggest change management opportunity in the life of a law firm. Long-term planning is critical to getting it right.

  • Ls grievance

    How to: File a Grievance

    6 August 2018

    Filing a complaint for discriminatory or unfair treatment by your employer is fraught with risks. Advice and planning can secure a positive outcome.

  • How to build a website

    How to: create a better website

    16 July 2018

    The best law firm websites are not fancy. They are quick to load and easy to navigate.

  • Ls mentor

    How to: identify a mentor

    16 April 2018

    Finding someone to offer sage advice and guide you through your career can be invaluable.

  • Secretary cartoon

    How to: Work with your PA

    19 March 2018

    The traditional role of legal PA is disappearing fast as more qualified and commercially minded people get involved in frontline work. Maria Shahid reports.

  • Online impact

    How to: Measure online impact

    12 March 2018

    Most lawyers now accept the importance of online promotion, but how do they know if their efforts are effective?

  • AI cartoon

    How to: Set free your robo-lawyer

    5 March 2018

    A new generation of tech startups will enable law firms of all sizes and in-house teams to reap the benefits of artificial intelligence.

  • Clare Murray

    How to set up in Ireland

    22 January 2018

    Since Britain’s vote to leave the EU, lawyers and other professional services have Ireland in their sights.