How to...

  • Tablet and documents

    How To: manage documents

    20 January 2014

    Electronic storage and document management brings huge benefits for law firms, but it also carries significant risks.

  • Feature

    How To: run a ‘virtual firm’

    29 November 2013

    Solicitors looking to work in a dispersed law firm are usually motivated by the same driving forces: a desire for greater flexibility and money, and a need for good support and infrastructure.

  • Business checklist

    How To: handle OFR in-house

    25 November 2013

    In-house lawyers seeking to comply with outcomes-focused regulation are dealing with a regime that is ‘dynamic’ and constantly evolving.

  • Business bills

    How To: run a small firm

    18 November 2013

    How does the small but perfectly formed legal practice manage its business?

  • Piggy bank

    How To: reduce staff pay

    11 November 2013

    Cutting pay could help your law firm remain sustainable, but it has to be done carefully and with extreme sensitivity.

  • Tineke Harris

    ​How to: change specialisms

    28 October 2013

    Grania Langdon-Down hears from practitioners who have reshaped their career by moving practice area.

  • Lucy Scott-Moncrieff and Diversity Access Scheme winners

    How To: be more diverse

    07 October 2013

    We look at what law firms can do – and are doing – to promote diversity and inclusion.

  • Karen Todner

    How to: boost your media profile

    23 September 2013

    We consider the value of a media strategy and hiring public relations expertise.

  • Computeremail

    How to: manage your emails

    16 September 2013

    Dealing with and storing emails has been shown to occupy up to half the time of highly-skilled professionals such as lawyers. Roy Russell offers some tips for easing the burden

  • Financial report and calculator

    How To: be a COFA

    9 September 2013

    The role of compliance officer for finance and administration remains both underappreciated and imperfectly understood.