The number of mortgage possession claims has surged by almost 40% in the past year, and warrants and repossessions are also on the rise.  

According to Ministry of Justice (MoJ) figures released today, the number of mortgage possession claims increased by 39% to 6,179 in April to June 2019 compared with the same period last year. 

Meanwhile, the number of mortgage orders for possession (4,007), warrants issued (4,692) and repossessions by county court bailiffs (1,245) increased by 40%, 34% and 30% respectively. 

The number of possession actions had been steadily falling since 2009, when claims peaked at 26,419 over a three-month period in the aftermath of the financial crash. However it has now increased for four consecutive quarters. 

According to the MoJ the rise has been driven by one large mortgage provider. 

Boston in the East Midlands had the highest overall rate of mortgage repossessions, at 37 per 100,000 households. Meanwhile, the highest rates of landlord possession actions – which are down by around 7% on last year – are concentrated in London.