When we asked readers to come up with a plot twist to Puccini’s Madam Butterfly involving the intervention of a family solicitor we thought we were setting a pretty tough brief (24 November). However several of you were up to the challenge, with some even contriving a happy ending.

Obiter rather liked Graham Lee’s idea of a lawyer descending from the rafters, just as Butterfly is about to commit seppuku, with the words: ‘It ain’t over ‘til the fat cat sings’. He then ‘sues the pants off the rich Yankee’.

However the prize of two tickets to the spectacular David Freeman production at the Royal Albert Hall, London, goes to family solicitor Sophie Fox. Her plot involved a without notice prohibited steps order, mediation ordered by the court and a cliff-hanger ending introducing a second child. The libretto should come complete with two hours’ CPD accreditation.

Enjoy the show – and watch this space for another prize competition soon.