It was a time. When access to justice was under siege. And tumbleweed blew through courtrooms the length and breadth of the land.

It was a time. When Court Number Eight found a creative rebirth.

Coming soon, to Victoria Street, Liverpool: The Liverpool Small Cinema. (That’s enough movie trailers – ed.)

Yes, a former magistrates’ court is now a 60-seat cinema. The building, once used for low-level crime and traffic offences, was shut in 2013 but has now been given a new life. It shows a mixture of historic and current films of all genres but also hosts research, events, experiments, film-making and events dedicated to linking cinema with the local community.

The building’s previous life offers a chance to speculate on a suitable repertoire. To Kill a Mocking Bird and 12 Angry Men are fairly obvious, and Obiter would perhaps suggest The Fast and The Furious to reflect the motoring punters of the past.

We would love to hear your suggestions.