Whether it’s a hotel or a restaurant, Obiter’s due diligence always includes a glance at TripAdvisor to see if the experience has prompted any stinkers of reviews. So congratulations to the Supreme Court on being awarded the TripAdvisor certificate of excellence. It tweets:

The award honours hospitality businesses ‘that deliver consistently great service’, TripAdvisor says. And the 192 reviews posted so far are nothing short of glowing.

Under the headline ‘Another little treasure that people pass right by’, one review commented: ‘A lot of historical information and education about the law of the land. Stories of ancient as well as current legal cases. Good displays!’

Alas, one reviewer was not so complimentary. ‘Truly the worst cup of coffee in London, served in a teacup, no saucer, wooden spatula for spoon, cold milk jug on counter…’

Most eyes, of course, were on the Supreme Court earlier this year, when it delivered its ruling in the Brexit appeal. There are not many reviews posted around the time of the case, though it did not stop Obiter from imagining what kind of review the prime minister might have posted. ‘Beautiful building and convenient for my office,’ perhaps?