Lovely chap though he is, you would probably not want Burnley FC manager Sean Dyche banging on your door demanding to make a complaint.

So it will presumably come as a relief to Dyche’s solicitors, whoever they may be, that the gravel-voiced football boss is not planning to raise a grievance anytime soon.

During a press conference last week, Dyche insisted he had no problem with pundits questioning how he was doing his job, and made parallels with other professions.

Football management, he said, ‘is one of the strangest jobs – people actually telling you what you’re doing wrong. I don’t remember going in the doctor’s telling him what he was doing wrong, or my lawyer or my solicitors – but apparently [with] football managers everyone thinks they can do better than us’.

Putting aside Dyche’s confusion over the lawyer/solicitor demarcation, Obiter might point out that a glance at certain review websites would suggest that people do indeed have no problem with telling their solicitor what they’ve done wrong. Thankfully for Dyche, he is clearly more concerned with Premier League survival than seeking to question his legal team.