Obiter is having a virose day. After averruncating a carjacking in the crepuscule we’ve just received a textonym saying the vaping whiskerando whose adorkable house we were on the point of purchasing has just gazanged the transaction – some complication due to copyleft or secundogeniture, apparently. Hey ho, it looks like we’ll be preloading al desko tonight before going out twerking.

If you’re struggling with one or two of those terms, don’t panic: they are among the 722,000 words, meanings and phrases to appear in the 12th edition of the Collins English Dictionary, claimed to be the largest single-volume English dictionary in print. Obiter has a copy (worth £45) for the reader who comes up with the best idea either for a legally related neologism or an archaic legal term which should be in wider circulation.

Send suggestions to by 8 December. Usual rules apply.