The irrepressible Baroness Warsi (Sayeeda Warsi) provided some interesting insight into life as a cabinet minister at the launch of the Law Society’s ethnic minority lawyers division the other night.

The former Crown Prosecution Service solicitor, who resigned as a minister last year, was asked by attendees how lawyers handle government at the top. ‘Those of us who are lawyers around the cabinet table do see things differently,’ Warsi replied, before revealing that she, former attorney general Dominic Grieve and former justice secretary Ken Clarke would often find themselves on ‘one side of the table’.

Very interesting. So what did she make of the appointment of Chris Grayling, who she may have noticed is not a lawyer, as lord chancellor? Warsi admitted the appointment was ‘unusual’ – but described Grayling as a ‘great friend’. And then added that the lord chancellor was ‘first and foremost a politician’ before moving swiftly on.