Law firm adopts a different recruitment approach – using an advertising board.

Heading for Embankment tube station in central London, Obiter did a double-take when it thought it saw a man holding a rather big, bright purple board advertising a finance manager vacancy at Tuckers Solicitors. 

We’re used to seeing various eateries and shops use advertising boards (held up by some poor soul who looks like they would rather be anywhere else) to try to attract custom. But a law firm? Surely a large firm like Tuckers, with over 150 lawyers and 10 offices in London, Birmingham and Manchester, could have splashed out on an ad in a newspaper or magazine, or even online?

Practice manager Adam Makepeace explains: ‘We were looking for something slightly different than the run-of-the-mill law firm financial controller candidate. So we thought that we would adopt something other than the run-of-the-mill law firm financial controller candidate recruitment strategy.’  

And has it worked? The firm has had a few enquiries but, says Makepeace, ‘it’s too early to say whether we ended up with the right person’.