It is now almost two-and-a-half years since the Leveson report on press standards ensured that Sir Brian would drop off many journalists’ Christmas card lists.

Yet the media, it appears, have still not forgotten.

The president of the Queen’s Bench Division was a guest speaker at the Reform thinktank event on criminal justice last week, chaired by BBC News home affairs editor Mark Easton.

Easton was a stickler, limiting each speaker to five minutes, and was quick to interject when Leveson attempted to go over when explaining his 110-page review of efficiency in criminal proceedings.

‘This is new for me, I’m normally in charge,’ said the judge.

‘Think of it as the revenge of the press,’ replied Easton, to smiles all round.

Given that the final Leveson report into the press ran to a rainforest-endangering 2,000 pages, perhaps this five-minute injunction might be made permanent.