Obiter is a big fan of lawyers with other talents. So imagine our delight to discover that London Borough of Lambeth legal chief Mark Hynes would be providing live music during the Lawyers in Local Government weekend school in Exeter.

Hynes’ band JAMMS performed a rousing set of pop and rock covers, to the delight of the local government crowd.

JAMMS formed two years ago following the London Legal Walk. Hynes, the band’s ‘self appointed’ manager and drummer, was hoping – inspired by Bon Jovi – to call the band ‘Mark Hynes’ but that idea was unsurprisingly vetoed. So the group – which includes a Lambeth litigator, fraud investigator and spouse of a property lawyer – decided to use members’ initials.

Hynes predicts a great future after discovering that the stage at Exeter was last occupied by Muse (a popular beat combo, M’Lud). ‘People talk about Coldplay, Muse, U2…maybe they’ll talk about JAMMS in the same breath.’