From whether you can have sex with a partner you do not live with to how far you can drive for an eye test, Adam Wagner has the answer.

The Doughty Street barrister has worked tirelessly for nearly a year to help the public understand the confusing and ever-changing coronavirus laws and guidance.

Burning the midnight oil as some legislation was published only minutes before it came into force, Wagner has tweeted, written explainers and produced videos and podcasts – and he has done it all for free.

In response to those asking how to thank him, he set up a crowdfunding page to raise money for the Law Centres Network. In just six weeks he has raised over £25,000, from 900 donors, including celebrity cook Nigella Lawson. He hopes to raise a total of £29,000 – is the annual salary of a junior lawyer working in a law centre.

Wagner tells Obiter: 'This has been a really difficult year for everyone but people’s generosity has been amazing to see, and a bight spot for me personally.'

Julie Bishop, director the Law Centres Network, said: 'Adam’s efforts on behalf of law centres, together with the generosity of those who donated, reminded us of the kindness of strangers and their willingness to lift up others in this dark time.'