Divorce cases don’t reach the Supreme Court every day, so when the judgments in Gohil and Sharland were released last week family lawyers were battling to get their comments into print.   

Within an hour of the court’s ruling in favour of the two ex-wives, Varsha Gohil and Alison Sharland (pictured), the Gazette had received at least a dozen expert analyses. We must congratulate Obiter’s friend Tony Roe of Tony Roe Solicitors for being quickest off the mark, giving his take on the verdict just 10 minutes after Lady Hale’s judgment.

The real competition, however, was not to get into worthy legal publications but into the dailies read by spouses who might seek to rid themselves of wealthy misbehaving partners. Prizes in this race go to Charlotte Bradley, head of family law at Kingsley Napley, for her top name-check in the Daily Mail, and Alex Carruthers, a partner at law firm Hughes Fowler Carruthers for getting the first quote in the Financial Times.

Special mention goes to Richard Collins, partner at Charles Russell Speechlys, who was the only lawyer not involved in the case to get his penn’orth into the Daily Telegraph.