Obiter’s appeal for Hancockian mistranslations of Magna Carta touched a satirical nerve.

‘Which justice secretary was it who thought that Magna Carta was the transport used to carry away volcanic waste?’, one reader asked rhetorically. Other suggestions included ‘Great menu’ and ‘Never, ever, forget your inalienable Magna Carta rights, my friend: 0% APR on balance transfers and free air miles with every purchase.’

The crisp suggestion of ‘Anagram Act’ had us thinking for a minute, and ‘Where did King John sign the Magna Carta?/At the bottom of the page?’ brought back memories of Christmas crackers past. However, first out of the hat was one of several entries with an ice-lolly theme: ‘I fancy a cart of Magnums, cool and creamy’.

Well done Louise Curtis of the legal department at Usdaw, who wins two tickets to see Tom Conti in the stage production of Twelve Angry Men.