Law Society Gazette 9 July 2009

Pay gap points to discrimination

Women solicitors earn 29% less than their male colleagues, the Gazette can reveal. The Law Society’s latest salaries survey showed only a slight narrowing of the pay gap between the sexes compared with the previous year’s figure of 32%.  

7 July 1999

Bar pilots direct access scheme

The bar this week launched a pilot scheme – BarDirect – to increase the number of organisations able to approach barristers directly. BarDirect will allow organisations and companies to obtain a licence from the bar enabling them to go directly to any barrister for advice and advocacy.  

5 July 1989

Counter-revolution in the US Supreme Court?

In a month which sees the 25th anniversary of the passing of the Civil Rights Act, the US Supreme Court seems to be merrily dismantling many of the decisions which that legislation was built on, particularly the law’s treatment of women, blacks and other minorities. Earlier this week the historic Roe v Wade decision was left standing, although very much shaken. 

July 1949

Notes of the Month

A new organisation, known as the Society of Labour Lawyers, has recently been formed to assist the Labour party in matters of law and administration. Sir Stafford Cripps is the president. This development follows the withdrawal from affiliation to the party of the Haldane Society, which used to describe itself as ‘the organisation of socialist lawyers affiliated to the Labour party’.

July 1939

The Provincial Meeting

On Thursday 28th September there will be an excursion to Portsmouth by motor coach to visit the Naval Dockyard. It is hoped it will be found possible to go over a battleship or cruiser and a submarine. 

Each member will be entitled to take a lady to the entertainments and excursions.