19 February 2009

New Business Court

The new Business Court, due to open in 2010, will not now be ready until the following year, the Gazette has learned. The new court will replace the commercial and other courts currently working from St Dunstan’s House in Fetter Lane. It will be sited in the new Rolls Building, now under construction.  

17 February 1999

Lords throw out public defenders

Solicitors gave a mixed reaction this week to the defeat of a key plank of the Access to Justice Bill when the House of Lords voted to bar the government from employing salaried public defenders. However the lord chancellor pledged to reinstate the measure when the bill enters the House of Commons. 

15 February 1989

Lawyer’s death

An emergency session of the Law Society of Northern Ireland held this week following the shooting of Republican lawyer Pat Finucane roundly condemned remarks made by junior Home Office minister Douglas Hogg to the effect that some Northern Ireland lawyers were ‘unduly sympathetic’ to the IRA.  

February 1969

The Race Relations Act

Solicitors are subject to the act themselves in that they may not discriminate in the employment of staff except that, until 26 November 1972, they will be exempted if they employ not more than 25 employees. Admission to partnership, however, is not within the scope of the act, and so racial discrimination in that respect will remain lawful.  

February 1919

Professional information

Messrs. Wreford Brown, Hewett & Co, of 38 Old Jewry, EC2, beg to announce that, on the return of Lieut.-Col. W.P. Hewett (Middlesex Regiment) from Mesopotamia, he has resumed active work and renewed his former partnership with Mr C. Wreford Brown.