Gazette 21 July 2011

ABSs at risk of criminal ownership

The Law Society is pressing the Ministry of Justice to make an urgent amendment to the Legal Services Act to prevent non-lawyers with spent criminal convictions from becoming owners of alternative business structures. Provisions allowing for external ownership of law firms come into force in October.

19 July 2001

Callery ruling boosts claimant solicitors

Personal injury solicitors can sign up clients to conditional fee agreements at the outset and charge a 20% success fee in simple cases such as a ‘modest and straightforward road accident-style claim’, the Court of Appeal has ruled in the Callery v Gray test case.

17 July 1991

Move to commonhold welcomed

The government’s decision to introduce a commonhold scheme for England and Wales which could benefit up to 1.5 million flat owners has been welcomed by both the Law Society and consumer groups. Under the proposals, commonhold would be available for all types of land use whether residential or commercial.

July 1951

On collecting counterfeits

In the Black Museum at New Scotland Yard is a forged one pound note. It was drawn in pen and ink so skilfully that it passed for the real thing. The artist spent twenty-four hours in producing this masterpiece. His reward was twenty shillings. His ultimate reward was a term of imprisonment.

July 1931

Gift to the Society

Mr W.L.Ainslie, of the firm of Dawson, Ainslie & Co, has presented to the Society a collection of pewter formerly the property of Staple Inn, dissolved more then 60 years ago. It carries the crest of Staple Inn, which is a representation of the Woolsack, and the gift is most appropriate.