A stroll down Gazette memory lane

Gazette 8 December 2011

More solicitors make the bench

Solicitors outperformed barristers in two selection exercises for the judiciary this year, the Judicial Appointments Commission has revealed. Women also performed strongly, making up 43% of the judicial appointments.

6 December 2001

Penny drops on costs

At last one can see the point of the Civil Justice Council. Its costs forum heard practitioners from both sides of the litigation divide call for an end to the indemnity principle – and the council’s chairman, the Master of the Rolls, was duly convinced.

4 December 1991

Baker appeal will clarify immunity

The unprecedented contempt ruling of the Court of Appeal against Home Secretary Kenneth Baker in a case involving deportation of a Zairean raises important legal issues. It marks the first attempt by the court to redefine the boundaries of Crown immunity.

9 December 1981

The variable ground rent trap

Legislation is needed to ensure that long leases of residential property containing provision for variation in the ground rent payable be excluded from the Rent Acts if they are to be capable of being considered by mortgagees as a good marketable security.

December 1971

Do-it-yourself justice

The problems of unrepresented litigants come under review in a Justice report. It comes out firmly for the right of every man to state its own case. It also recommends that the practice of appointing an amicus curiae should be more widely adopted.

December 1941

War Legislation: Delay in Publication

The Council have had correspondence with the permanent secretary to the Lord Chancellor with regard to difficulties which members of the profession have suffered owing to the fact that copies of important Acts of Parliament and statutory rules and orders have not been available immediately upon their coming in to effect.