The Law Society Gazette, 4 November 2004

Clementi: consumers back single regulatory body

Consumer groups strongly support a single umbrella authority for the direct oversight of the legal professions, Sir David Clementi has told senior members of the UK’s governing bodies. Making his first public comment since issuing his consultation paper in March, Sir David also gave his strongest indication yet that he would recommend allowing legal disciplinary practices.  

7 November 1984


Lady lawyers really are on the rampage. What alarms me is the prospect of so many determined young women leaving their families to be run by others while they catch the train to the office. No wonder there are so many broken homes. Though I write to you, madam, it is to the beginner that my questions are really addressed – to the exquisite professional with the new briefcase in her first job. What sort of wife and mother will she turn out to be, and what does the home help’s home help do with her children?

November 1964

Computers and the law

Computers are increasingly used in this country by industry, government departments and local authorities but they have yet to make an impact on the profession. One method whereby computers will be able to assist the practitioner is in retrieving information relevant to a problem. The scientific technique associated with this task, ‘information retrieval’, will become increasingly familiar to the profession in years to come.

November 1914

Renewal of Certificates by solicitors joining H.M. Forces

Letters were read raising questions as to the necessity for renewing the practising certificates of those solicitors who have joined H.M. Forces and urging, in cases in which such renewal was necessary, that the duty prescribed by statute should be remitted.

The Council have for some time been in communication with the Chancellor of the Exchequer with a view to the total or partial remission of the duty and hope that their efforts may be successful, but at present no definite arrangement has been arrived at.