The Law Society Gazette, 2 December 2004

Ironing out the silks

If we are going to have QCs, then the scheme agreed by the Law Society and Bar Council last week would appear the best way forward, addressing the main faults in a system condemned by the Commission for Judicial Appointments in 2003 as being opaque, inconsistent and seriously lacking quality control and transparency.

December 1964

Is murder preventable?

Many victims are not wholly innocent but contribute to their own deaths to some degree – though this is not to say that they are any the less deserving of protection. Unfortunately, young girls sometimes develop abnormal sexual precociousness and promiscuity at an early age and provoke men with homicidal tendencies which they may not be able to control.

Incorporation and limited liability

The Times newspaper recently published some interesting comments on a proposal to allow firms of stockbrokers to become incorporated, with the full benefits of limited liability. It was suggested that this might make suitable young men more willing to risk their capital in the profession.

In view of the very similar considerations which apply to firms of solicitors, I suggest that the Law Society should examine the possibilities of obtaining these benefits for the solicitors’ profession. Incorporated ‘law firms’ have existed for many years in the United States.

December 1914

War: Stamp Duty on Articles of Clerkship

A letter was read from a member, requesting the Council to ascertain from the government whether they would refund all or a portion of the stamp duty on the articles of clerkship of an articled clerk who may die or be incapacitated on active service.