The Law Society Gazette, 25 March 2010

Criminal legal aid shakeout planned

Up to 75% of criminal legal aid firms will be removed from the market under far-reaching provider reforms set to be implemented from next summer. The plans, announced by the Ministry of Justice this week, envisage a consolidated market in which contracts for larger volumes of work are given to a smaller number of providers.

Justice secretary Jack Straw said the plans are ‘likely to create a more secure long-term base for lawyers dependent on public funds’.

Gazette 22 March 1995

Fans appeal for solicitor aid

Football-supporting solicitors have been encouraged to join a network of representatives for fans who find themselves in legal trouble either in the UK or abroad. The Football Supporters Association is in the process of setting up a national list of solicitors who are experienced in handling soccer-related cases.

Gazette 20 March 1985


The latest attack on the profession comes from some left-wing Member of Parliament. He has promoted a private member’s bill designed to take the powers to deal with complaints against solicitors away from the profession and into the hands of a statutory independent body. Would his time not be better spent in promoting such a body to deal with the public’s complaints against their Members of Parliament?

Gazette 26 March 1975

Do we need a Bill of Rights?

Cassandra’s punishment was to be disbelieved when she correctly prophesied the gloomy future of her society. Sir Keith Joseph has taken the risk of assuming that mantle. Speaking to the Society of Conservative Lawyers he spoke of the dangers of governmental oppression exercised by perfectly regular and constitutional means and the menaces of organised revolutionary movements which threaten constitutional authority. He concluded that the time had come for us seriously to consider the case for a Bill of Rights.

Gazette March 1945

Notes of the month

A member of the Council of the Law Society has been adopted prospective Socialist candidate for Parliament. He is Mr G Corbyn Barrow and the constituency is the Edgbaston Division of Birmingham.