The Law Society Gazette, 28 April 2005

Shoosmiths pays AA referral fee for work

National firm Shoosmiths has agreed to pay what is believed to be a substantial referral fee to the Automobile Association (AA) as part of its deal to act as exclusive provider of legal services to the association’s customers, the Gazette can reveal. The AA will refer around 9,000 cases a year for the next three years in a deal that Shoosmiths estimates will generate some £33 million in fee income.

24 April 1985

Hats in court

I can think of one or two lady magistrates who still wear hats in court but the vast majority do not. As I write this around Easter time, it is not inappropriate for my mind to turn to Easter bonnets, and say what a pity it is that the majority of lady magistrates no longer attend court wearing hats.

30 April 1975

The legality of exorcism

Seven years ago the present writer touched on the legality of exorcism. The topic may have seemed recondite. It is now only too relevant. In R v Taylor the defendant was accused of murdering his wife in circumstances of ‘unspeakable brutality’. He was found not guilty because of insanity.

The killing took place immediately after the defendant had submitted to a night-long session of exorcism carried out by an Anglican and a Methodist clergyman and four others. At the present time there is no legal regulation of the practice of exorcism within the Church of England.

April 1915

Belgian Lawyers resident in England owing to the War

The council some months ago expressed their willingness to extend the hospitality of the hall, library and luncheon room to any Belgian lawyer introduced by a member.

In a limited number of cases advantage has been taken of this offer, but in our view the Council may well in the particular circumstances depart from its normal practice of requiring an introduction by a member and may let it be known that any Belgian lawyer may enjoy the amenities of the Society upon making application supported by a member of the governing body of his own profession.