The Law Society Gazette, 16 June 2005

Lawyers left facing £13m Clementi bill

Lawyers face a one-off £13m hit to set up the new oversight structure for the legal profession, the lord chancellor revealed last week. The money will be used to create the Legal Services Board – supervising the entire regulatory structure – and the Office for Legal Complaints (OLC), handling all complaints against lawyers. They are at the heart of planned legislation to implement last year’s Clementi report.   

14 June 1995

No win, no fee clears hurdle

The government’s controversial plans for conditional fees, a key part of Lord Mackay’s overall strategy on funding legal services, have survived unscathed after a close-run battle in the House of Lords. The government hopes that if conditional fees prove successful they can be extended beyond the current limits of personal injury, insolvency and human rights thereby releasing funds to pay for new developments in legal aid.  

12 June 1985

Conveyancing – thanks for the memory

In The Times of 16 April there appeared an advertisement placed by a firm of London solicitors seeking a conveyancer who could also do some commercial work. The advertisement appeared in the In Memoriam column. What, I wonder, does this portend for the future of conveyancing and the profession!

18 June 1975

The law and public opinion

Delivering the Riddell Lecture 1975, Lord Justice Lawton said he had often been irritated by the mistaken ideas some publicists seemed to have about the judiciary and the law. Perhaps the most common of such misconceptions was the belief that the judiciary were ‘drawn from the monied classes’ and educated at leading public schools and at Oxford or Cambridge.

June 1957

American Bar Association Convention

Attention is drawn to the fact that on the afternoon of Sunday, July 28, the American Bar Association will unveil at Runnymede a memorial which has been designed by Sir Edward Maufe and is at present in process of erection. It is a circular temple-like structure in Portland stone with a central pedestal; on one side of the central pedestal will appear the words ‘Freedom under law’ and on the other ‘28 July 1957’.

The site of the memorial is on the lower slopes of Cooper’s Hill, adjoining the Meads, about four hundred yards from the Lutyens Lodges.