The Law Society Gazette, 30 June 2005

Practising solicitors to break 100,000 barrier

The number of practising solicitors is set to smash through the 100,000 mark, official statistics will reveal this week. The growth shows no sign of slowing, with the numbers of undergraduate law students and legal practice course places both surging by 10%. The growth in the number of women and ethnic minority solicitors continues apace.

The Law Society’s Gazette, 26 June 1985

Advertising – ‘Cut price’ service

In company I know with many of my fellows I am becoming increasingly frustrated by the ‘cut-price’ solicitors that have resulted directly from the Law Society’s relaxation of advertising rules. It is not so much that they are causing a loss of business, which is obviously worrying, but the fact that because their own businesses have swelled so much, they do not have the resources to handle conveyancing matters with the proper attention and expedition that is required.

I have made it clear to ‘shoppers’ who telephone for quotes that I am not proposing to give a Harrods service for a Woolworths price.

Guardian Gazette, 25 June 1975

Notes and happenings

The Law Society’s National Conference 1976 has been transferred from Amsterdam to Torquay on the ground of economic factors. The Council has decided that it would be unwise to commit the profession to a conference abroad at this moment of time. At the present rate of exchange, the cost to those attending the conference in Amsterdam would be regarded by many as being excessive.

By way of example, the moment that one engages a taxi, 60 pence immediately appears on the clock, and, for those who are minded to take alcoholic refreshment, a round of six gin and tonics or whiskies will cost them about £1.

The Law Society’s Gazette, June 1945

General election

Several more solicitors have been adopted as prospective parliamentary candidates for the forthcoming general election. They include Major P. Asterley-Jones (Labour-Hitchin), the Rt. Hon. Isaac Foot (Liberal-Tavistock) and Major W.W. Hicks Beach (Conservative-

Cheltenham). There are four Foots in the field – Mr Isaac Foot and three of his sons.

The ‘state of the parties’ so far as new solicitor candidates are concerned is now: Labour 11, Liberal 9, Conservative 6, Common Wealth 1.