The Law Society Gazette, 8 September 2005

DCA unveils legal aid impact test

The Department for Constitutional Affairs has finally heeded long-standing calls from lawyers to ensure the whole government addresses the impact on legal aid when formulating policy. Launching unprecedented guidance calling for better joined-up thinking, the DCA has set out a two-stage test for civil servants.

The Law Society Gazette, 11 September 1985

Marketing legal services

In both the US and the UK, private law practice has changed, and is likely never to be the same again. Attorneys and solicitors have been forced to recognise that law practice is a business, as well as a profession. More recently, firms of attorneys and solicitors in both countries have recognised the need to apply marketing principles in order to sustain economic growth and prosperity.

The Law Society Gazette, September 1975

Bail is liberty

Public interest in the grant and refusal of bail has lately been aroused by several concurrent cases. Mr John Stonehouse and Miss Sheila Buckley were extradited from Australia on charges of fraud. He was not granted bail until his eighth application. If then, why not before?

The Law Society Gazette, September 1965

Her Lordship

Since that far-off day in 1922 when Miss Helena Normanton achieved the singular distinction of being the first lady to be called to the Bar, it must have been clear even to the most prejudiced anti-feminist that at some point of time in the future a lady would sit upon the High Court Bench – and now it has happened and Lane J. (pictured), will shortly take her place among the puisne judges of the Probate, Divorce and Admiralty Division. If we may say so with the greatest respect, we think this a most splendid appointment.