The Law Society Gazette, 6 October 2005

Web shop offers solicitors on-line

A web site that matches solicitors to clients was launched last month. Shop4law enables solicitors to quote for work based on an on-line questionnaire completed by clients. So far, 12 solicitors have signed up to the service, which has been running for four weeks.

The Law Society Gazette, 8 October 1975

Interview with the Rt Hon John Silkin MP

Minister, can you summarise why you think the Community Land Scheme will work?

‘I think it will work because it will be seen to produce a better form of planning than we have had in the past. A planning which is more responsible to those who live in a community who at the moment really have very little say in what goes on.’

The Law Society Gazette, October 1955

Peaceful Brixton

Among the murderers Dr Hobson had examined all had one thing in common and that was their unconcern and an absence of anxiety while they were awaiting trial. Two or three have even said that they had never known such calm and peace as they experienced in Brixton Prison.  

The Law Society Gazette, October 1945

Notes of the month

The Council have forwarded to the Prime Minister, the Attorney-General and the Solicitor-General congratulations on their accession to office. The father of the Prime Minister – Mr. Henry Attlee – was President of the Law Society in 1906-7.

The Law Society Gazette, October 1915

Recruits for His Majesty’s Forces

A letter was read from the Secretary of the War Office, requesting the Council to use their influence to induce employers to co-operate in facilitating and encouraging wherever possible the enlistment of male employees.