The Law Society Gazette, 3 November 2005

Solicitors wary of home packs cowboys

The government this week published long-awaited details on home information packs (HIPs) as the Law Society warned that the new regulations currently fail to get to grips with home condition reports. Announcing the draft regulations for consultation on HIPs – set to become compulsory in 2007 – housing minister Yvette Cooper (pictured) pledged HIPs would cut costs and prevent sales from falling through.

The Law Society Gazette, 1 November 1995

Letters: For nowt

The majority of non-lawyers to whom I speak have not the faintest idea as to the meaning of the words ‘pro bono’. The fact that in many areas we are expected to (and indeed do) work for nothing should be used as a publicity tool to improve our reputation in the eyes of the public. Can we find a better title to advertise that in certain areas ‘lawyers work for nowt’?

The Law Society Gazette, 5 November 1975

Does legal professional privilege exist in the EEC?

English law has for over a century recognised the principle that every citizen has the right to obtain legal advice in the certain knowledge that what he tells his legal advisers and what they tell him will not be disclosed.

It is far from clear that a lawyer, advising his client on matters which come under the jurisdiction of the EEC, can be sure that the confidentiality of the advice would be respected.

The Law Society Gazette, November 1945

Release of students from the Forces

The council once again renewed the representations which they have been making at intervals during the last 12 months that there should be speedy release from the Forces for solicitors’ articled clerks.

The council have now been informed that it is not possible to make any concessions in this matter.