The Law Society Gazette, 1 November 2007

Bill given the green light

The Legal Services Bill received Royal Assent this week after the government offered concessions on outstanding issues. The Ministry of Justice agreed to curtail the activities of trade unions that would be exempt from authorisation as alternative business structures. It also accepted the need to include on the face of the legislation the principle under which the new oversight regulator, the Legal Services Board, could intervene in the work of frontline regulators such as the SRA.

29 October 1997

Directive passed

EU lawyers will soon have a permanent right of establishment under home title in any member state after a vote this week in the European parliament. The parliament’s legal affairs committee unanimously approved the second reading of the European rights of establishment directive without any amendment.

28 October 1987

Water damage in library

The Society’s library is a victim of the recent horrific weather. Part of the library was flooded on Wednesday 21 October and many law reports and books were water damaged. The staff are currently trying to keep the temperature low to minimise mould growth.

26 October 1977

Financial aid to support proceedings

Surely the profession could voluntarily support some sort of ‘pro bono publico’ fund to finance one or two selected cases a year chosen by an independent panel, taking them to the Lords if necessary. I understand there to be about 33,000 practising solicitors. A pound a head is all that would be needed to accomplish this.

November 1947

Desertion of wives by soldiers

All future applications from married personnel for demobilisation from the Army outside the UK are to be referred to the War Office, who will communicate with the wife. If it is believed, as a result of these inquiries, that the husband is seeking to evade his domestic responsibilities, release abroad will not be permitted. This new arrangement was announced by Mr Shinwell on the 28th October in reply to a question by Major Legge-Bourke.

November 1917

The Roll of Honour

Chapman, Alfred John, 2nd Lieut., RFC, who was posted as missing on the 18th September last, was, according to a message received from a German aeroplane, killed in an air fight on that date near Cambrai. He was articled to Mr B. C. Newbold, of Burton-on-Trent.