The Law Society Gazette, 15 November 2007

SRA issues warning on business models

The Solicitors Regulation Authority last week urged solicitors to be ‘particularly cautious’ if approached about taking advantage of new business structures to be allowed under the Legal Services Act. The regulator said there could be conflict issues that prevent or restrict certain types of commercial entities from providing legal services.

12 November 1997

Aid plans ‘may breach ECHR’

Lord Irvine’s overhaul of the legal aid scheme could breach the European Convention on Human Rights, according to a leading civil rights solicitor. Louise Christian, who acted for the Marchioness boat disaster victims, has predicted that the government could see its legal aid proposals becoming the subject of the first challenge under the Human Rights Bill once it is enacted.

11 November 1987

More solicitors for circuit bench

Remarks made by the new lord chancellor, Lord Mackay of Clashfern, when he met the press last week, gave cause for hope that more solicitors would be appointed as circuit judges. But the lord chancellor gave no indication of an imminent reform of the judicial appointments systems that would leave the way open for the appointment of solicitors as judges of the High Court.

16 November 1977

A safeguard for the security guard

It will not have escaped the notice of any traveller who was fortunate enough to find an aeroplane actually leaving Heathrow or Gatwick this summer, that the number of security guards employed in these airports is substantial and would appear to be growing. Their duties seem to include a general patrol of the premises, searching passengers before they board and escorting passengers between buildings.

It is against this background that Mr Bruce George MP has introduced the Private Security (Registration) Bill.

November 1947

Notes of the month

With typical generosity, the Canterbury District Law Society of Christchurch, New Zealand, have decided not to hold an annual dinner this year, but to contribute to a fund which will result in about 300 food parcels being sent to the Law Society’s Hall in London for distribution at Christmas. The Council of the Law Society have gladly agreed to nominate deserving recipients.