Obiter recalls that George Washington wasn’t above taking time out from his 1776 military campaign to dispatch detailed instructions to his decorators back at the plantation, clearly worried about what he’d get back to find after Lord Cornwallis had been seen off.

Thrilling, then, for Obiter to discover that Gazette columnist Laura Devine, of the international immigration firm that bears her name, has been recognised for the redecoration of her London office – in keenly priced interiors magazine Design Exchange (£10 per issue).

Designer Rock Galpin, the magazine notes, has created a ‘black and red rhapsody’. ‘Yeah, we’ve got that,’ readers might be thinking. But Obiter feels you might not have the rest. As DE continues, for Laura, Galpin has ‘transformed a bland, characterless office space into a series of playful, interactive and distinctively stylish rooms; a makeover that reflects the unique character and sense of style of its owner. It brings a fresh and sensual note to… lawyer office design’.

And there’s more: ‘The interior is clearly defined by sophistication and a refined yet passionate aesthetic agenda.’ The final outcome, natch, is a space where ‘efficiency meets sensuality and together they form a space that is distinctive, while the atmosphere communicates both the business purpose it serves, nevertheless with a touch of refined eccentricity’.

Be honest – aren’t you regretting the fact your last refurb stopped at two fresh coats of magnolia matt emulsion?